Professionally speaking_

Asamies came out of realizing the frustration of entrepreneurs, brand managers, bloggers, SMEs or whoever wishes to start a project for a good cause, to find a name that meet the highest brand standards with the most popular “.com” extension. We also realized (like many others but we decided to do something about it?) how Arabic language is under-represented on the internet while Arabic speakers make up more than 5 percent of the global population. We wanted to play a role in raising such representation to make the internet relevant for Arabic speakers.

Personally speaking_

We have noticed the poor quality of company names picked as we drive on the road checking Ad bill boards or company vans beside retail shops as we walk in shopping malls. We thought these people may not be aware of how to come up with a quality name, and if they are capable, the name they desire would not be available. In our circles of friends, we noticed those who possess a handful of domain names actually strive to sell them. What are the odds let’s say that some entrepreneur land on their particular name, and if they are fortunate to receive an enquiry, they would take advantage of the buyer’s vulnerability that he or she wants something they own, and ending up in a lengthy wearing price negotiating game.

The solution_

We took these issues to heart and acknowledged the painful market gap, and created a marketplace of quality brandable names with the most popular extension “.com” and the world’s first borderless Arabic domain extension “.شبكة”. It is a do-it-yourself search place for names with a user friendly experience that saves both money and time over hiring a traditional brand agency. Each name comes with an appraised price tag and an awesome visualization to speak its potential. We want to push forward all aspiring people out there on their journeys of success in all walks of life, by constantly working to provide brandable domain and business names that cater to various interests. We also want to build a community to empower those who have the skills to generate brandable names while people can pick a valuable name indeed. Don’t get frustrated. Go and get inspired!
A creative geek and an avid lover of design. I have passion for coming up with solutions that go beyond the conventional rule of thumb. Gifted with an eye for design. An intuitive mind. I design products to inspire people and leave a mark. 
I wear the entrepreneur hat and hunt for market gaps. I am solutions-oriented before anything else. My black-belt karate skills come handy to formulate strategic plans of attack. I like quality of life. A natural leader. Avid reader. I am a kind man but very professional. 
Serial Entrepreneur. With admirable mission to help others rise in the startup ecosystem and corporates. Social butterfly. A philanthropy hero.