Basic differences between Naming and Branding

Many people think that naming and branding are pretty much the same. The truth is far from this. Even though naming and branding are closely associated, they have different meanings nonetheless.

Naming a Product

When you think of a name for your product, you are basically giving it an identity and creating the first point of reference. It is of course mandatory for you to put some thought into the name since it would be hard to change down the road.

You have to bear in mind not select a name that has already been taken or trademarked in the desired class or product category. Refrain from picking names that are similar to existing products in your industry or your geography; otherwise you will have a hard time positioning yourself in the market aside from leading to confusion among the customers. In addition, you should try to think of a word that is meaningful to you and to your customers. Most importantly, do your market research.

Branding a Product

After picking your name, you want to think of how you will promote your product, which makes branding mandatory. Branding sustains the growth of your organization by taking care of the product logo, slogans, value proposition, advertisements, website and all related activities to product presentation and delivery.

In a competitive world, your product should be unique in order to be a winner and gain attention, and appeal. Accordingly, the theme you create for your brand depends on your organization’s goal. Just like in naming, branding too requires thorough market research to decide on all the branding strategies and the required resources to execute properly. The theme of your brand should be in line with the nature of your product offering. It should reflect the product uniqueness and provide legitimacy so that customers consider your product. Also, the brand theme have a long term impact on how people relate and perceive the product.

At, we help you get inspired and find the right name for your product or service. You can then use the logos associated as the brand theme should it match your organization goals, otherwise, you are free to unleash your own creativity to come up with your own theme.

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