What is asamies.com?

asamies.com is the first online marketplace in the MENA region that offers brandable business names in English and Arabic, made available for immediate purchase, with creative logos and reserved web presence, at affordable prices for entrepreneurs, SMEs and whoever wish to start a project for a great cause.

What does ‘asamies’ mean?

Our entire business is all about creativity and branding. It’s no coincidence that the name should reflect the quality of what we do and professionally represent us. asamies is a clever mashup of أسامي which is an Arabic word for names, and the plural suffix –ies (e.g. cities).

Who is your service for?

It is for anyone who seeks a new business name with a matching premium web presence; however, our clients would ideally be entrepreneurs and SMEs who don’t have the time or lack the resources to pick a creative name. We also cater to people looking to name a blog and businesses willing to launch a new branded product or realizing the potential of a new fresh image by changing their existing name.

How does the search work?

We have associated each domain with relevant tags based on users’ perception. It is suggested to start the search with one keyword that is relevant to what you plan to do (e.g. “security”), or a word that describes the type of name your are looking for (e.g. “fast”). The search results will display domain names that contain your search term in the associated tags, categories, possible uses, descriptions, and not necessarily domain names that contain your search term in the domain itself.

How do I browse by topic/industry?

It is simple, click on the browse categories button and select from the drop-down list. Then just move between pages. You may also fill in the search box with a keyword that is relevant to what you plan to do.

What do I get when I purchase a domain name?

When you purchase a domain name from asamies.com, you become the new owner and it will remain yours as long as you renew the annual registration fees with your registrar. There are no additional or recurring costs from asamies.com. You are also entitled for the logo shown alongside the domain name, where we will send you the original graphics file, usually in Photoshop or Illustrator format, so that you can use it, resize it, or modify it if necessary. You also get a basic logo color palate.

What payment options do you accept?

Given the nature of the domain names industry, Escrow service provided by third parties (e.g. escrow.com) is the usual preferred option by buyers and sellers alike. However, asamies.com can act as a third party escrow agent, should a buyer and a seller choose so for a particular transaction. Other payment methods include wire transfer which would allow buyers to pay in Cash via an exchange house.

What is the refund policy?
  • Domain owned by asamies.com

If a purchase is made and payment is cleared, the buyer may request a refund subject to 3% admin fee that will be deducted from the refunded amount. If a purchase is made and payment is cleared, and domain name transfer is initiated, a refund request is not accepted. In case a buyer chooses to pay under the Installment Plan, a refund request is not accepted at any stage.

  • Domain owned by 3rd party seller

asamies.com serves as a third-party marketplace where hassle is kept to a minimum to ensure awesome customer experience for both buyers and sellers. Should the buyer chooses asamies.com to act an escrow agent, refunds are not accepted once an order has been placed, except in the case that the domain seller fails to initiate the domain name transfer within 5 business days from the time of purchase. Should the buyer chooses to conduct transaction via escrow.com, the seller and buyer agree to be bound by escrow.com refund policy. Buyers are advised to perform all necessary diligence prior to making a purchase to avoid creating frustration to sellers. If a buyer is unsure or require more information, they are advised to inquire for a given domain name.

How does escrow work?

asamies.com is a marketplace where domain names are listed and owned by many different people. To ensure safe and secure transfer process of both domain and money, we provide an escrow service between the seller (domain owner) and the buyer (who purchased the listed domain). As a third party, we hold payment from the buyer until domain transfer is made from the seller’s registrar account to the buyer’s registrar account (the buyer chooses what registrar they wish to use), after which we release money to the seller.

Buyer and/or seller may choose to conduct a transaction via escrow.com which is a special service that acts in the same fashion mentioned earlier. Using such service incurs extra fees.

What is the Installment Plan?

The installment plan, will allow the buyer, subject to their eligibility, to repay their purchase by monthly installment over a pre-determined period of time at 0% profit. To learn more about the Installment Plan, please email us at installment@asamies.com.

How do I get the Installment Plan?

The buyer may apply by emailing us at installment@asamies.com. Approval of the installment plan is subject to the buyer’s eligibility and to asamies.com’s discretion.

In order to be eligible for the installment plan:

  • The purchased domain name value should be greater than USD1000.
  • The buyer must agree with asamies.com general Terms, Privacy and the Installment Plan terms.
How long does the domain name transfer take?

asamies.com starts the domain transfer process once payment has been received and cleared from the buyer. The transfer can take anywhere between 10-15 business days, this depends on where the seller got their domain registered and the registrar that the buyer wish to use. Typically, if the buyer chooses (or has an active account) at the same registrar where the domain is registered, the transfer is quick because the domain name only changes accounts. If the buyer chooses a different registrar, there is an ICANN-mandated waiting period of 5 days that starts after the current owner (i.e. asamies.com or 3rd party seller) has approved the transfer. Since asamies.com is an open marketplace where domain names are listed and owned by many different people, the seller response time can affect the transfer time.

What is the buying process?

The buying process is simple and straightforward, but varies slightly depending on the buyer’s preference.

  1. The buyer falls in love with a domain name and agrees to the Terms with asamies.com
  1. The buyer adds a domain name to the cart and goes through the standard checkout steps:
    • Sign up/Login.
    • Confirm billing information.
    • Choose preferred payment method.
    • Place order.
  1. Buyer would receive an invoice to confirm and proceed with payment.
  1. Once payment is cleared, the buyer will be notified and the administrator at asamies.com will commence domain transfer accordingly.
  1. The buyer will need to consult the registrar of their choice on the requirements to transfer the domain purchased; the process may vary from one registrar to another. The team at asamies.com will do all the necessary to facilitate the transfer process.
How does the domain name transfer process work?

The process may vary among the many registrars; however, the following are the general steps:

  1. The buyer agrees to the buying Terms with asamies.com and completes the payment due for the domain.
  2. The buyer need to consult the registrar of their choice on the requirements to transfer the domain purchased. The process varies and depends on the new registrar; however, most registrars will have a form or an option on their website that the buyer can select to transfer a domain.
    • If the new registrar happened to be the same as the current registrar, this becomes a simple process of account change. The seller (i.e. asamies.com or 3rd party) would take the necessary steps from their end to begin account change. After which the buyer will receive an email with instructions to confirm the move.
    • If the new registrar happened to be different from the current registrar, the seller (i.e. asamies.com or 3rd party) would take the necessary steps from their end to begin domain name transfer. The buyer would have to bear in mind the below items:
      • Buyer will be emailed an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key), this code is usually part of the requirements from the new registrar to transfer the domain purchased.
      • Buyer would need to pay a fee to the registrar they chose, usually equivalent to the successive year (e.g. suppose the domain name is registered until 2016. Upon transfer, the domain is renewed for 1 year and the expiration date is pushed to 2017).
      • The buyer usually receives a security code and transaction ID alongside. The buyer would use these codes to complete the transfer.
In the domain name transfer, what is the difference between account transfers and account changes for domain names?

An account change moves a domain name from one account to another (i.e. internal transfer) with the same registrar. An account transfer, transfers a domain name from one registrar to another.

What is the domain transfer fee?

When a purchase is made at the marketplace, the buyer is engaged with asamies.com in a domain transfer process.

  • If the current and new registrars are the same

In this case, there would be no fees for domain transfer; it would be a process of account change between the buyer and the seller.

  • If the current and new registrars are different

The fee for such transfer is owed to the new registrar which usually is equivalent to domain renewal for the successive year. This fee may vary from one registrar to another; buyers are advised to consult their registrars of choice for exact amount.

Do your domain names come with existing trademarks or international registration?

No.  Since our domains are applicable to multiple sectors and can be purchased by anyone for any use, it would not be feasible for us to undergo trademark registration.

Should you be interested in a domain listed, doing some research and seeking legal advice is recommended in order to ensure that the name does not have an existing trademark by a competitor in your industry. If the name has a trademark unrelated to how you intend to use it or simply is not trademarked, then you have a good chance to register a trademark for the name yourself. If, however, a trademark exists, you may register a trademark for the name as long as your business is in a different industry. Not only is it essential to bear in mind in what class a trademark exists, but also in which country.

Is the logo included with my purchase?

Yes. When you purchase a domain, you are entitled for the logo shown alongside. We will send you the original graphics file, usually in Photoshop or Illustrator format, so that you can use it, resize it, or modify it if necessary.

Is there a reduction in price if I don’t use the logo for the domain name I purchase?

If you choose not to use the logo shown alongside the domain name, there would be no price reduction in the domain total price.

Can I make an offer or negotiate the price listed for a particular domain name?

asamies.com aims to provide a marketplace where hassle is kept to a minimum through upfront pricing. If no set price is listed, this would potentially require a lengthy wearing negotiation process with the seller. Therefore, every seller that wishes to list their domain names is required to have a set price. Based on the quality of the domain name, the team at Asamies recommends a suitable price range upon the seller’s request. Older domain names, however, undergo a price re-evaluation every few months. Buyers are encouraged to check back regularly for any updates.

What if I change my mind after listing my domain name for sale or found a better deal elsewhere?

Making a sale transaction outside of the asamies.com marketplace for the purpose of avoiding consignment fees that would otherwise be due to asamies.com is strictly prohibited. Sellers may request to have their domains removed from asamies.com at any time, but they agree to continue have them listed for 30 days from the time of notification.

I have an active account at asamies.com and I just bought a domain name from my registrar; can I immediately list it on the marketplace?

No. ICANN regulations prohibit transferring domain names newly registered or previously transferred in the last 60 days.

I have listed a domain name on asamies.com marketplace that got expired, what should I do?

The seller is requested to remove the domain name listed on the asamies.com marketplace.

What kind of names do you accept for listing?

It is a tough decision to accept or not accept a domain name. Our ultimate goal, without compromising, is to maintain a quality marketplace where users can find catchy, unique and brandable domain names.

Having said that, we have created some basic guidelines:

  • Pronunciation should be straightforward i.e. one can roll their tongue easily.
  • If the name is based on a dictionary word, it should be spelled slightly different from the original word, while it still sounds the same as that word (e.g. “Flikr” from “Flicker”, “Zune” from “Tune”).
  • Spelling should be easy to guess i.e. if you introduced yourself in a networking session, would people spell your name in one or two tries.
  • If the name has a root word (e.g. “Geo” for Geography) or a keyword, it should be applicable to a popular industry, or be broad enough to be applicable to several different business types.
  • The name can be totally made up but in a reasonable sense. It should rhyme cleverly, or be unique enough to be applicable to several different business types (e.g. Etsy).
  • A name that uses metaphor (e.g. “smashingmagazine”) to explain or make people understand something about the product, brand or business.
  • A blend i.e. a form of word play, where a name combines a part of a word with another word or word part (e.g. Microsoft combines the “micro” part of “microcomputer” with the “soft” part of “software”).

We try to avoid:

  • Keyword combinations over two words.
  • Names that are too long.
  • Numbers like “search360”, “101baking”, or “3omlat”.
  • Prefixes like “my”, “the”, or “a”.
  • Suffixes like “inc”, “co”, or “biz”.
  • Geographic names or codes like “dubai”, “jo”, or “mena”.
  • Hyphens like “car-rental”

It is a tougher decision when it comes to Arabic domain names using English letters (e.g. “tasjeel” for “تسجيل”) due to differences between the languages. To accept or not to accept an Arabic domain name will be tied against our goal of having a quality marketplace where users can find catchy, unique and brandable domain names.

Such Arabic names will be subject to the abovementioned guidelines where applicable. In addition, we have created further guidelines extracted from the widely accepted rules:

  • In some words, the same sound is represented by two different vowels (e.g. the “ee” sound can be an “i” or an “e”), can the listener expect how the spelling should be?
  • We try to avoid names using numbers to substitute for its corresponding Arabic letter (e.g. “3omran” for “عمران”).
  • Bear in mind some sounds do not exist in English, usually transliterated as follows:
    • “kh” for “خ”,
    • “gh” for “غ”
    • “sh” for “ش”
    • “q” for “ق”
    • “th” for “ث”
  • Words like “durraq” for “درّاق” uses a consonant twice to transliterate the sound of shaddah.
What is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages a database of domain names that are available for sale to internet users, and is accredited by ICANN. All domain names listed for sale on the asamies.com marketplace are registered already at one of many registrars. When a buyer purchases a domain name at asamies.com, he or she must have an active account at a registrar or create one before domain transfer process can commence. A few registrars that we can recommend are:

  • GoDaddy.com
  • 101domain.com
  • Register.com
I have purchased a “شبكة.” domain name but my current registrar does not support it?

dotShabaka “شبكة.” is a new gTLD and many registrars are in the process of implementing and rolling it out. One registrar top to date, however, is www.101domain.com that we recommend creating an account with so you can start utilising your “شبكة.” domain name.

What does TLD stand for?

TLD stands for Top-Level Domains which are the letters after the final dot of a domain name like .com, .org and .net.

How do I save my favorites?

You may like and pick domain names as you browse our website. This is simply done by clicking on the domain name and then clicking on “add to wish list”. You may then view the entire wish list by clicking on the heart shape button on the top right corner of the site.

As a seller that got a submitted domain accepted for listing at the marketplace, Why do I need to forward my domain name to asamies.com?
  • If a user searched for a given domain name, they know it’s up for sale being redirected to a domain names marketplace.
  • This will ensure if there is a potential buyer, the domain would be available for sale without getting the buyer frustrated.
  • This will ensure that you as a seller is the true owner of the given domain name.
  • asamies.com is a premium marketplace, and by using this service, the seller agrees to list their domain exclusively at asamies.com.
Do asamies.com buy domain names?

No. asamies.com is a marketplace where domain names listed are made available for sale. Some of the domains listed can be the property of asamies.com because we love domaining. Domain names owners are encouraged to create an account and submit their domain names to be listed.