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Starting a new business? Have an ingenious idea that you can’t wait to share with everyone? Building a website is inevitable where you can tell the world about it.

Grabbing a domain name is fundamental for your online presence as well as creating a corporate identity. The process of securing a domain from any registrar is straightforward, however, coming up with a creative name (or searching for one) as well as finding its match on the web can be a lengthy and expensive exercise. When you think of cutting corners by using online tools i.e. logo makers & name generators or crowdsourcing, you get frustrated by the quality of deliverables.

Shed some light on reality? Many of us have noticed poorly picked names by shops or companies as we drive in streets or walk in markets showing no connection sometimes between the name and the business activity. As we don’t wish to take a shot at anyone, we’ll leave giving the bad examples out there to you.

Realizing that a substantial number of individuals and companies struggle to find awesome names, two creative minds, Amir Shaikh and Ahmed Abdelraziq, decided to build a platform that would make creative names immediately available for purchase. Aamir and Ahmad acknowledged the fact they are not the only innovative people out there, hence the platform accommodates creative domains by anyone and everyone. is an open marketplace for quality domain names with creative logos, and the most popular domain extension “.COM” as well as the world’s first borderless Arabic domain extension “شبكة.”. Offering [dot]Shabaka is not complementary to; it’s at its core especially when introducing such a marketplace to a part of the world where Arabic is the mother language. Sadly, the Arabic language is well under-represented on the web and’s mission is to help raise the usage of the language. The marketplace is easy to browse with friendly interface, where buying and selling is simplified. Buyers have the option of paying their due amounts for the selected domains in installments, subject to meeting a number of requirements, enjoying the flexibility of managing their cash.

Not only assists individuals and organizations in buying and selling their domains, but also encourages building a community of creative individuals who have the skills to generate brandable names.
Although it’s a new concept, the ever increasing in number of businesses going online allow us to safely predict a stronger need for a marketplace like

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