How To Register Your Business Name

We understand that naming your business is probably one frustrating task; it’s expensive to consult a branding agency, a matching online presence is usually not available and you are probably not the creative type that you would need to pick someone’s brain. That’s were come into play! By now, you have browsed our marketplace; you have shortened your name list and fallen in love with one. You are left with one question, “what to do next with this name?” You are wondering how to protect your venture and make the name legally belong to you.

  1. You need to register your name as an entity, whether commercial, non-profit or service to obtain the official license. This usually entails deciding on the company structure; whether you want to setup the business as a sole proprietorship or as a partnership (to keep it simple as a startup). Bear in mind that this step may vary from one country to another, so you have to consider the local laws against your objectives. In UAE for example, you may setup a company in or out of a free-zone area. Should you have purchased from us, you may register your company as Noqoosh FZE for a single owner or Noqoosh FZCO for a partnership (when setting up in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone).
  1. Legal business naming may vary depending on the country you reside in to issue an official license. If for any reason you could not get hold of the exact name match, bear in mind you can name your business as ‘Noqoosh Design’ or ‘Noqoosh Art’, extending on the example mentioned earlier. Also, some legislation allows you to obtain a license name that is entirely different from your web name presence.
  1. If you have ambitious objectives and want to spread out into the different corners of the country or even across several countries, then you need to safeguard your business name by taking an extra measure i.e. file for a trademark. A number of reputable offices exist in the Middle East region, but one place to start with is the Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP).

People tend to undermine securing the names of their business. If you are about to set up a company, it is highly recommended to do a bit of research and take the right legal steps to use your chosen business name. This will help you kick-off with a peace of mind and avoid legal complications down the road.

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