Importance of naming

Across the world, a tremendous number of ventures are established every day. No doubt there are many common decisions that have to be made at initial including registration, legal form and strategic plans to name a few, but one key thing that is often overlooked is picking a name for the business. The truth is if you want to have a remarkable business, you need to pick a remarkable brandable name. Well… at least you can have the peace of mind that your business didn’t fail (if it does and we hope it doesn’t), due to picking a bad name.

  • A business name can’t be easily changed down the road as your customers already associate your name with the product or service provided, let alone the loss of all your branding efforts to date.
  • Your business needs to have a solid initial boost that is usually given by the first impression of the name, the logo and the color choices. Bear in mind your business name speaks to the clients, investors and any stakeholder before you get to say a word.
  • A business says a lot about how business savvy you are. Not only a valuable product or service is needed, stakeholders also value the people running the business.
  • A good chosen name facilitates brand building, where a great brand creates an emotional connection with your clients and adds a great sense of experience. Don’t you want to be remarkable!
  • Not only picking a name applies to the business itself, but also to the domain name. You need to be easily remembered so that potential clients can easily find you on the web. There is nothing better than having a matching online name.

Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of your business or domain name. It’s worthwhile to take your time to think about the name your business deserves.

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